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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meet the Staff: Amanda E.

Posted by Amanda E.

How long have you worked at the library? 5 years
How many items do you have checked out?  18
How many items are on your hold list?  33

What book can you read again and again without losing interest?  Anything by Jane Austen. I love getting lost in the romance and strictness of regency England

If you were a literary character, who would you be and why?  I would be Beka Cooper from the Tamora Pierce Tortall books.  She's so fierce!  No one can mess with  her, but she's also human.  Plus a talking cat familiar!  'Nuff said.

What aspects of the library do you think are underutilized?  I have to go with the entire building here.  I don't know exact numbers  but the percentage of E-ville residents who actually have cards is so low!

What is your favorite book format?  Book all the way.

If you use multiple formats, what percentage do you use each?  75 book, 23% audiobook on CD, 2% ebook

What is your favorite aspect of working at the library?  Discourse.  I learn so  much about such a wide range of topics just from talking to patrons and my co-workers.

What is your guilty reading (or listening) pleasure?  I love to hate trashy romance novels from the 50's & 60's.  I get so worked up about injustices while I read them, but I also get sucked in.  I can't stop!

What books do you feel guilty for not having read?  Atlas Shrugged and Fahrenheit 451.  I've started both of them but got distracted and haven't made it back yet.

Have your reading habits changed since working at the library?  If so, how?  Sure, I used to read all books that I started.  Working here, surrounded by books, I've come to realize that I don't have to finish something if I'm not loving it.  There's too much amazing stuff out there to waste time on the mediocre.

What is your perfect reading environment?  My bed late at night with a steady rain beating the windows.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what single genre of books would you want with you?  I have to go with speculative fiction here.  A splash of sci/fi, a splash of fantasy, lots of social dissection; it's the most wide ranging genre.

What was your favorite children's book when you were a child?   Sarah's Unicorn by Bruce and Katherine Coville was the first book I ever bought for myself.  I read it over and over.  It sparked my love of books AND unicorns.

Before you worked here, what was your worst library transgression?  I'm a late book turner in.  I had a $17 fine once at my home library from books I hadn't returned.  That's the kind of bill you don't mind paying though, since it's going to such a good place.

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