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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reference Librarians: Debunking the Myths

Posted by Cary H.

When people think of reference librarians-- if they think about us at all -- several outdated images may come to mind.  The 21st century reference librarian is an information specialist, not just a reference source referee.  Let's take a moment to separate the myths from reality:

  • Our hero is "Marian the Librarian," who shushes patrons while safeguarding shelves full of reference texts
  • Reference Librarians only help "serious" scholars with scholarly questions
  • Reference Librarians are out of touch -- why would I need one?
  • Reference Librarians love working with people, and that means you!  Many reference resources are online and easy to navigate -- let us show you how.
  • We answer almost any question to the best of our ability -- everything from "How do I set up an email?" or "How do I chat on Facebook?" to "Where can I get my grandmother's birth records?" and "How do I copy and paste in Word?" or "Do you have travel books about Borneo?"  We've heard every type of question under the sun and we want to help you with yours.
  • Reference Librarians are people too -- we have hectic lives, have children who are late with their homework, remember how much of a pain it was to make research paper note cards, worry about paying bills, and lock our keys in our car.  Just like you.  We understand.  If we can make your day better by helping you with what you need to get done, then you've made our day better!  
Don't hesitate -- call or come in for help anytime!

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