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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Resolve to be more organized in 2011

Posted by Lisa E.

In my ongoing quest to be organized, I came across a helpful book entitled Getting Organized in the Google Era.  The author is Douglass C. Merrill, a former Google information executive and former president of EMI's digital music business.  It contains pointers on how to better manage the information and documents we need electronically.  Much of Merrill's advice centers around the quick and powerful search tool, and he also shares shortcuts on using Google to look up various facts, definitions, and conversions.  It is an easy book to skim, and it is also available on audio CD.  Something else I enjoyed was the lyrics interspersed throughout the book; one of my favorites is below.

You run and you run
to catch up with the sun/
But it's sinking.
--Pink Floyd, "Time"

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