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Monday, March 21, 2011

Reference Question of the Month

Posted by Judy T.
Spring officially arrived on Sunday, March 20, and when the weather actually improves, we all start thinking about “spring things”—bike rides, flowers, birds…and the list goes on.  One of the most interesting birds to watch is a hummingbird, and one of the questions we’ve been asked at the Reference Desk, more than once, is “Where does a hummingbird’s hum come from?”

Answer:  The hum of a hummingbird comes from the quick beat of its wings.  The smallest birds beat their wings up to 80 times per second.  Bigger birds beat their wings more slowly at approximately 10 to 15 times per second.

Source:  World Book Encyclopedia
Check out this site from the San Diego Zoo for more information about these fascinating birds

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