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Monday, May 23, 2011

10 Must Reads for Adults From the Children's Library

Posted by Dani G.
If you are an adult without children, you may often forget that the library has a downstairs as well! We come across so many amazing stories down here that we want to share and remind others that you really can enjoy these books at any age. So each month we will do a spotlight on a section of the children's library with recommended books. Go on now and pick one up! I bet you will be pleasantly surprised. 

May:Teen Literature
From edgy to exciting and everywhere in-between.

Anne W.: Life as We Knew It by Susan by Beth Pfeffer: Tells the story of what would happen if a major natural disaster affected the entire planet.

Zach H.: Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins:Dystopian fiction at its best. Flows well. 

Katherine R.: The Book Thief by Martin Zusak: Facinating book. Narrated by Death!

Deanne H.: Dicey's Song by Cynthia Voigt: Wonderful book about troubled family relationships and finding love in unexpected places.

Dani G.: What it is by Lynda Barry: This book explores the idea of stifling creativity once we feel we are not talented. It encourages expressing yourself, even through doodling!

Ike D.: Yay, you! by Sandra Boynton: Great gift for anyone transitioning to a new time in their life.

Alana T.: Feed by M.T. Anderson: In the not so distant future we'll all have the internet streaming directly into our brains. In this book, the main character ponders what this "feed" is doing to us when his girlfriends' connection goes bad.

Dani G.: How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff: The Narrator's voice is what makes this book. Her serious sense of humor and observations in the middle of a war put the story in whole new perspective.

Katherine R.: The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale: Very interesting Fantasy. The characters are wonderful.

Dani G.: 500 Great Books for Teens by Anity Silvey: This book lays it out simple. 500 great teen books that are nicely categorized and summed up for you.

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