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Monday, May 16, 2011

Ten Things NOT To Do With/To Your Library Books

Oh NO!  Can it be......? Yes it is!  Ewwww!
 Posted by: Staff

People do the darndest things with their library books.  Sometimes we wonder, "What were they thinking?!"  Depending on what has happened to the book, we try to repair it, clean it as best we can, and put it back on the shelves.  Next time you see a book with curious marks, dents, rips, or other signs of a hard life, consider where it has been. 

We want you to enjoy your library books and make them an important part of your life.  However, they are a resource for all to share.  With this in mind, please don't:
  • Use Q-tips as book marks - yuck!  Don't use food either.
  • Fix a book yourself with duct tape (or any type of tape!); we can't repair these books.
  • Take a book into a public restroom for, ahem, reading (Keep it in a book bag!) 
  • Use as a coaster for beverages (especially not for coffee cups).
  • Shield yourself from the elements (e.g. raindrops, snow) with a book.
  • Give a book to a youngster for use as a pacifier or teething aide.
  • Turn pages with Cheeto or potato chip fingers. 
  • Let your dog "read" books.  Hint, he's not reading, he's chewing. 
  • Leave audiobooks or DVDs in a hot car.
  • Read a library book in the tub...for obvious reasons.

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