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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chew, Volume One, Taster's Choice

Posted by Evan E.

Chew, Volume One, Taster's Choice.  Written by John Layman, artwork by Rob Guillory


ci·bo·path  [see-bo-path] n. A person who can take a bite from anything organic (except beets) and get a psychic sensation of what has happened to that object

Taster's Choice is hilarious and creative.  The story line is set in an alternate reality where poultry products have been made illegal for consumption (because of an avian flue outbreak that took the lives of 23 Americans).  The plot centers around Tony Chu, a cibopathic, Philidelphia detective.  Tony gets hired by the FDA and uses his unique abilities to solve crimes such as breaking up black market poultry syndicates and a variety of murders.

In 2010, Chew won the Eisner Award (given for creative achievement in American Comics) for best new series and two Harvey Awards (excellence in Comics), one for best new series, the other, best new talent.
Chew, Volume Two, International Flavor is also available for request.

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