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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Book Review: Airborn by Kenneth Oppel

Posted by Leslie A.

Planning a family vacation this summer?  Looking for an audiobook to take on the road, one that the whole family will enjoy?  Here's one I'd recommend: Airborne by Canadian author Kenneth Oppel.  This tale is set in another time either past or future, in a world that seems quaintly Victorian and yet technologically advanced.  Much of the action takes place on a giant airship that has a definite Jules Verne quality about it.  The two main characters, Matt & Kate, are a very engaging pair.  His is a cabin boy serving aboard the airship, and she is a wealthy, rebellious young scientist who is leagues ahead of her time.  All the characters, including the crew of the airship, the passengers, and even a band of pirates, are richly drawn.  This fantastical tale of action and adventure is told by a full cast of talented readers who bring the characters to life.  Airborn is the first in a trilogy, followed by the equally fantastic and entertaining Skybreaker and Star Climber.

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