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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Staff Picks

Berte Morisot, Reading, 1973
Posted by Staff

August is the traditional month for vacations; this month we've picked beach reads as our theme.  We've tried to veer away from the usual bestsellers and find something a little different for you.

Amanda E.: Bridget Jones' Diary by Helen Fielding and anything by Jane Green.  romance type books about modern women who get themselves into scrapes; a.k.a. "chick-lit".

Evan E.: The Harry Potter series by J.K.  Rowling: The most amazing book series ever!!! (For all ages.)

Judy T.: The novels by Fannie Flagg are great books for the beach.  They are filled with humor and warmth and casts of delightful characters.  Try Welcome to the World, Baby Girl, Standing in the Rainbow and Can't Wait to Get to Heaven.

Lisa E.: Just about anything by Carl Hiaasen could be a good beach read.  Hiaasen writes a combination of satire, humor, and crime fiction.  His young adult fiction often makes an environmental statement. The author is a Florida native and his homeland is often the setting in his books.

Joyce D.: Sushi for Beginners by Marilyn Keyes.  Set in Dublin - romance, new job, old boyfriend, new boyfriend, lots of girl talk.

Dani G.: Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman. Twelve interconnected stories that all take place in the same Cape Cod farmhouse over the course of generations.

K.C.: Day Out of Days by Sam Shepard.  Best read in small doses, the narration is a compilation of small Western disillusionments.

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