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Monday, December 12, 2011

Just like ants - on the move...

Muromachi, Ants Hauling a Pumpkin, 1492
Posted by EPL patron and guest blogger M. Lemke

My husband claims I have ants in my pants.  He's right!  I love to travel and am always bugging him to go somewhere - a trip to another state or country or continent.  When I can't go somewhere, I do the next best thing - I grab a book and read about a place I would like to visit.

Recently, I went Spain with Chris Steward in Driving Over Lemons.  He bought a farm there and loved the area.  Michael Jacobs and I explored the mountains from top to bottom in his book Andes.

Not all my book trips are for fun.  One of my most meaningful trips was to Africa when I read The Shadow of the Sun by Ryszard Kapaschinski.  I learned a  lot  about the countries where so much bloodshed had, and is now, taking place.  Alice Hoffman wrote The Dovekeepers which tell the history of the Masada tragedy.

These special trips can be very informative.  After reading A House in Fez by Suzanna Clarke, I learned to never, ever, buy a house in a foreign country and have locals repair it when you aren't there.  What a mess that was!

My very favorite trip was with Bill Bryson when we hiked the Appalachian Trial in A Walk in the Woods.  Yes, I have ants and I don't intend to do anything about getting rid of them.

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