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Monday, December 19, 2011

Posted by EPL Patron and guest blogger J. Meyer

When we moved to this area in 1976, the first piece of information I learned about the Edwardsville Public Library was that it was a genuine Carnegie Library. I didn't know exactly what that meant—a Carnegie Library.  But it certainly sounded impressive! Our twin daughters, then in kindergarten, thought that a trip to the library was very special. They loved the idea of looking at shelves of books and then, magically, being able to choose several to take home.  When they got older, the main library attraction was D. R., one of the "big high school boys" who worked there.  (Historically, whoever hires the high schoolers who work at the library has a wonderful knack of choosing helpful young people who are very kind to younger patrons!)

When the beautiful addition was completed in 1991 or so, I'm sure I gasped as I first entered the addition and viewed the lovely tall windows overlooking the east lawn and the beautiful Madison County Centennial Monument.  I just sank into the comfortable sofa to marvel at the great view and to think, "What a great place our library is to relax and read." 

And a library??!!  Terrific!  And every one on the library team--from the staff to the volunteers--is eager to help a patron locate a book, do research on a computer, make copies--anything one needs.

Finally, some unsung heroes deserve to be mentioned:  the people who have served over the years as members of the Edwardsville Public Library Board.  We certainly salute them as we enter 2012.

And speaking of 2012, thanks for the opportunity to let everyone know that we have an outstanding library.  A splendid new year’s resolution would be:  In 2012, I will spend more afternoons in the Edwardsville Public Library!   

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