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Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Reading Resolutions

August Renoir, Girl Reading, 1874
Posted by Staff

The new year brings out the listmaker in most of us, and we're no different here at the library.  We've compiled a list of resolutions to improve our reading habits.  At the end of the year, we'll post again to see how we did.

Sara S.: I resolve to finish more books that I start and to start journaling/recording my books.

Alana T.: I will read one classic (I've never read before) every other month.

Amanda E.: Read a larger percentage of the books I check out.

Evan E.: I will read The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo series and finish reading Player One.

Joyce D.: I will read some of the books I have at home before checking out more.

Deanne H. and Leslie A.: Stay awake at night through at least one chapter!

Cary H.: I will try to find more library audiobooks for my iPod instead of buying them!

Melissa H. : I just want to read more than I usually do (did)!

Ike D.: Feel less guilty about reading on my day off.

Megan R.: Read more, Facebook and Twitter less :)  Check out more audiobooks!

Dani G.: Read every month for educational (but fun) purposes!  Oh, and more fantasy books.

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