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Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidential Press

Portrait of Washington by Gilbert Stuart, 1797
Posted by Alana T.

Today is Presidents Day, origianlly in honor of George Washington's birthday, a federal holiday that celebrates our past presidents.  When it comes to books and literature, we can't ignore the influence many of our former leaders have had on the thought of their times.  These days, it is assumed that political figures will publish their memoirs at some point, but very few of these are actually written by the presidents themselves.  All of the following were written by the men themselves, contain some amazing prose, and continue to be an inspiration today.  Try one and celebrate the day in style.

Lincoln: Speeches and Writings 1859 -1865
Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography
The Portable Thomas Jefferson
The Federalist Papers (essays by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison)

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