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Monday, March 19, 2012

Upcoming Audio - now is the time to start listening!

Phaedrus listens to Cujo while chewing his toy...
Posted by Alana T.

Did you know that you can request forthcoming audiobooks on the blog?  Yes indeed!  We keep an updated list (featured on the left sidebar) that is linked to our catalog, so all you need is your barcode and pin to request something before it even arrives at the library.

Perhaps you haven't tried an audiobook.  Now is the perfect time!  We have a variety of formats to match just about everyone's technology level.  Not sure what to try? Many of the EPL staff are avid audiobooks listeners - ask at the front desk for our current suggestions and favorite narrators.

Do you still think it's a little weird to listen to a book?  Do you feel like it's cheating?  You are not alone. Many readers hesitate at first, but then fall in love with the format. For example, Christine Shoenwald on describes how audiobooks opened her up to reading again.  For an enlightening history of audiobooks and how they can be a tranformative experience, read Maggie Gram's essay Listening to Books.

Stop by the library and start listening today.

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