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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Life of a Library Book: Withdrawl

Withdrawn and donated items waiting to go to Carnegie's
Posted by Deanne H.

In order to keep a library collection that excites, educates, and enriches our community, our library must sometimes withdraw an item from our collection.  An older book, CD, cassette, or DVD, must sometimes leave in order to make room for something new.   

Our staff very carefully analyzes each withdrawal.  We look at the year it was purchased, how many times it has been checked out by a library patron, how many additional copies (if any) we own of the title, the item’s physical condition, and if it is non-fiction – what other titles we have on that topic.  If we decide that it can be withdrawn, the item goes to our Technical Services department for withdrawal from our library catalog.   

Then it goes to Carnegie’s Books and CafĂ©.  Carnegie’s, run by our Library Friends, sells our withdrawn books, CDs, etc. along with donated items from our community.  Be certain to ‘check this out’ on your next visit to the Library.  You’ll find great buys – paperbacks are $.25 each, hardbacks are $.50 each.

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