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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reference Question of the Month

Posted by Judy T.

The opening ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London are scheduled for July 27th , and it is anticipated that there will be a worldwide audience of 4 billion people watching. 
Based on that staggering number, we are guessing that some of those people who enjoy watching the Olympics live in Edwardsville, so we are devoting this month’s questions to the Olympics.  Ready, Set, Go!

1.  What is the total number of medal events in the upcoming Olympics?
            a.  98
            b. 115
            c. 235
            d. 302

2.   This female gymnast received the first perfect score in her sport at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.  Who is she?

3.  Women will be competing in this sport for the first time in the summer games.  The sport is:
            a.   windsurfing
            b.   boxing
            c.   weightlifting
            d.  archery

4.  The last time London hosted the Olympic Games was in:

5.  Tug-of-war and pigeon shooting were Olympic sports in the past.  True or False

6.  How many gold medals did American swimmer Michael Phelps win at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

7.  Wenlock and Mandeville are the mascots for the London Olympic games.  At what Olympic games did a mascot first appear?

1.  302  2.  Nadia Com─âneci  3.  Boxing  4.  1948  5.  True – Tug-of-war last appeared in 1920.  Pigeon shooting was on the program at the 1900 Paris Olympics; it was the only time animals were killed on purpose during an Olympic game.  6.  8 gold medals  7.  1972 Munich Olympic Games – the mascot was Waldi, the daschund

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