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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Patron Book Reviews: Big Sky Country

Posted by EPL patron and guest blogger Jeri L.

The first of her newest trilogies, Linda Lael Miller takes us to Parable, Montana where we meet Slade Barlow, sheriff; his half-brother Hutch Carmody; and the woman who just arrived in town, Joslyn Kirk... the one they both remember.  Throw into the mix bad feelings between Slade and Hutch, caused by their father's death and the resulting split of his estate between them. The inheritance was the first recognition Slade received from his father, and he's not sure how to handle it.  Hutch simply wants to buy out Slade's share of the ranch and forget he has a brother.

Joslyn has returned to her hometown trying to correct the wrongs done by her stepfather.  But Hutch and Slade aren't the only ones who remember her past.  Her presence in town brings back bad memories for many of the locals and they let her know it.  She has feelings for both brothers, but not the same kind of feelings as theirs.

The author adds enough drama to her romances as well as emotional upheavals and frustrations as you find yourself wanting to ease the hurts, make people realize the truth, and allow themselves to love.  She also gives you enough hint into the lives of the other characters (Slade's ex; Joslyn's best friend, Slade's step daughter) that you find yourself intrigued as who who will be in the next book, Big Sky Mountain, which comes out in August.  Yes, I'll be reading it, too.

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