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Monday, September 24, 2012

Six Degrees of Recommendation

Posted by Staff

The staff is flexing thier filmography muscles to find new ways to explore our fabulous DVD collection and make recommendations.  The rules of our game were simple: ONE - only DVDs from Edwardsville; TWO - each selection must be based on something, anything from the previous DVD; and THREE - only 48 hours per choice (get that list moving!).  The results are explained below.  Links between selections are highlighted in purple.

(1) Jacob D.: Whip It (2009).  Ellen Page stars in a coming of age inspirational sports movie.  And the sport is ROLLER DERBY!..........(2) Amanda E.: Drew Barrymore directed Whip It.  Her breakout role was in E.T. (1982), a film about a young boy and his encounter with an Extra-Terrestrial...........(3) Mary M.: Band of Brothers (2001) was produced by Steven Speilberg.  It is a ten part mini-series set during WWII and based on the experiences of Easy Company...........(4) Susan C.: Atonement (2000); Based on the book by Ian  McEwan.  A young girl changes the course of several lives with an accusation.  The repercussions of her actions take the viewer through the tragedy of WWII and into the close the of the 20th century..........(5) Cary H.: State of Play (2003 BBC miniseries) included James McAvoy, an actor who also starred in Atonement.  The show explores the relationship between government and journalism with regard to the murder of woman, conspiracies, coverups an the oil industry..........(6) Evan E.: Shaun of the Dead (2004) features Bill Nighy (a main character in State of Play) as Shaun's dad.  This British comedy pokes fun at the zombie film genre...........(7) Gwen B.: Star Trek (2009).  I love all things exploring a better or diverse community; Simon Pegg plays Scotty...........(8) Judy T.: Ratatouille (2007) Remy dreams of becoming a chef and when he meets Linguini; strange and wonderful things start happening in a Paris restaurant.  The music for this funny animated movies was composed by Michael Giacchino who also composed the music for Star Trek...........(9) Jacob V.: Julie and Julia (2009).  Like Ratatouille, this film takes place (or parts of it do) in France and also has an emphasis on the world of cooking...........(10) Emily B.: The Devil Wears Prada (2006). A film starring Meryl Streep (also in Julie and Julia) about an aspiring journalist who struggles to impress at her new job as a personal assistnact to the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine.

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