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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

25 of the Best Movies You've (Probably) Never Seen - Part 2

Posted by Pam O.
This is a random list (put together with a little help from Entertainment Weekly magazine) of little-known but highly regarded films, all of which are available for check out from the library!

Love & Basketball (2000) It's a twist on the ''boy meets girl'' genre but with a heavy helping of hoops and not a whiff  starring Omar Epps.
The Magdalene Sisters (2002) The shocking true story of a group of teenage girls cast out of their hometowns in Ireland and sent to a Catholic asylum after committing such ''crimes'' as being raped.
Marwencol (2010) This moving documentary explores the world photographer Mark Hogancamp creates after suffering a near-fatal beating which resulted in brain damage. You’ll be amazed by the intricacies found in his fictional WWII-era Belgian town populated with Barbies and G.I. Joes.
Moon (2009) An astronaut, played by Sam Rockwell, has been in space for three years when he mysteriously falls ill around the same time he meets a healthy version of himself (also Sam Rockwell) at his lunar station.
Murderball (2005) This exhilarating Oscar-nominated documentary follows the U.S. Paralympic rugby team as they battle to win gold at the 2004 Paralympics Games.
The Orphanage (2007) From producer Guillermo del Toro, the story of a woman's whose plan to reopen the orphanage where she was raised goes horribly wrong when her own child disappears.
Perfect Blue (1997) Don't think anime is just robots and monsters, this thriller features a pop star with a murderous stalker, mental illness, fame and obsession.
Prime (2005) Meryl Streep plays a Manhattan therapist whose patient (a lusty Uma Thurman) is dating a younger man who turns out to be Meryl's son! A notch above the typical romantic comedy.
The Ref (1994) One of the funniest anti-Christmas movies, a cat burglar (Denis Leary at his intense best) holds an unhappily married couple (Judy Davis and Kevin Spacey) captive in their suburban Connecticut home during the holidays.
Rescue Dawn (2006) An incredible true survival story of a downed combat pilot who escaped a prisoner of war camp during the Vietnam War, starring Christian Bale (yes, it’s Batman!) and directed by Werner Herzog.
The Rules of Attraction (2002) The movie version of Bret Easton Ellis' novel about a group of bored, privileged college kids (led by James Van Der Beek) became known as the movie where Dawson turned bad! And not in a good way.
Surfwise (2007) This documentary about a family of surfers, including 9 siblings and an eccentric father, who grow up together in a 24-foot RV chasing the next big wave is unforgettable.
Wendy and Lucy (2008) The story of a girl (Oscar-nominated Michelle Williams) with nothing but a broken-down car and a loyal dog to call her own must travel from Oregon to Alaska to find work.

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