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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Patron Book Reviews: People of the Book

Posted by an annonymous EPL patron
People of the book by Geraldine Brooks is based on a true story about an extraordinary Jewish book, the Sarajevo Haggadah. It begins with Australian rare-book expert Hanna Heath, PhD, who is given the job to investigate the antiquity of this stunning book as well as to preserve it. On the special-made pages of this 500 year old book are brilliantly colored, hand-painted illustrations to go with the history told within the manuscript. The book as a whole provides many clues of which Dr. Heath studies and scrutinizes. Some of those clues include a stain, salt, an insect wing and a white hair. The story builds by going back in time to Sarajevo in 1940, Vienna in 1894, Venice in 1609, Barcelona in 1492, and Seville in 1480. This shows the reader how each clue is useful in developing its’ history. I found the subplots to be beneficial in the progression of the story holding my attention causing me to want more of their stories as well.
People of the Book was published in 2008. I listened to the story via mp3. The reader was an Australian woman by the name of Edwina Wren. Her many character voices theatrically portrayed distinct personalities to provide an accurate and individualized picture in my mind of each character. The writing of the story is intricate, well thought out, and fascinating. I would very much recommend it if you are interested in suspense, mystery, conspiracy, romance, and historical fiction.

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