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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Six Degrees of Recomendation: April 2013

The staff is flexing their filmography muscles to find new ways to explore our fabulous DVD collection and make recommendations.  The rules of our game were simple: ONE - only DVDs from Edwardsville; TWO - each selection must be based on something, anything from the previous DVD; and THREE - only 48 hours per choice (get that list moving!).  The results are explained below.  Links between selections are highlighted in purple.

(1) Denise T.: Zathura ( 2005) A great adventure movie about brothers; (2) Zach H.: Four Brothers (2005) Four adopted brothers seek to avenge the murder of the mother in what seems at first to be a robbery gone wrong; (3) Melissa G.: The Brothers Grimm (2005) Two brothers journey through a world composed of the original Grimm fairy tales; (4) Jacob D.: True Grit (2011) Also featuring Matt Damon, the Coen brothers remake and improve on a John Wayne western. If the Duke won't abide, the Dude will; (5) The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989) Great story featuring Michelle Pfieffer and starring real life brother Jeff and Beau Bridges; (6) Cary H.: Dark Shadows (2012) One of the best things about this movie was the reappearance of the fantastically-"barely"-aging Michelle Pfieffer; (7) Judy T.: The King's Speech (2010) Helena Bonham Carter starred in Dark Shadows and played the wife of King George VI in The King's Speech. George got to be king because his brother abdicated; (8) The Young Victoria (2010) Following along the lines of English royal families, this follows the early life and marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert! Wonderful story!; (9) Alana T.: The Woman In White (1997) Based upon a novel, this Victorian tale follows two sisters through a gothic mystery!

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