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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Six Degrees of Recommendation: June

Posted by Staff

The staff is flexing their filmography muscles to find new ways to explore our fabulous DVD collection and make recommendations.  The rules of our game were simple: ONE - only DVDs from Edwardsville; TWO - each selection must be based on something, anything from the previous DVD; and THREE - only 48 hours per choice (get that list moving!).  The results are explained below.  Links between selections are highlighted in purple.

(1) Susan C.: The Life of Pi (2012).  Best adaptation of a book to movie ever.  Animal characters are portrayed and developed as fully as human characters.  Time between reality and imagination is questioned heavily; final answer in some viewers minds?  Perhaps.  (2) Lifeboat (1944).  Another powerful disaster at sea movie.  Director Alfred Hitchcock stages all of the action in one tiny boat adrift in the North Atlantic during WWII. Woven in with the story are questions about nationalism, morality and how people react under extraordinary circumstances.  (3) Gwen B.: Casablanca (1942). This was Humphrey Bogart's 1st attempt oft a romantic leading role.  He was pretty stiff, but Ingrid Bergman was great as his romantic interest.  The film's soundtrack was arranged by Hugo Friedhofer who arranged for LifeBoat.  (4) Jennifer C.: White Christmas (1954).  Starring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye, this is the story of two WWII veterans becoming famous in the music industry.  Along their journey they find love, success, and the tru meaning of Christmas and friendship.  (5) Cary H.: South Pacific (1958).  Another musical with a WWII romance, this time in the tropics rather than snow! (6)  Jurassic Park (1993).  Set on a tropical island populated by dinosaur clones - it doesn't take long to realize it's a bad idea.  (7)  Emily B.: The Avengers (2012).  Another film with Samuel L. Jackson that brings the best Marvel heroes together for an action-packed good time.  (8) Jessica W.: Sherlock Holmes (2009).  Robert Downey Jr. stars as the brilliant Sherlock Holmes in the witty, fast-paced mystery with some interesting twists. (9) Alana T.: Help!  Also set in London, the Beatles star in this wacky adventure, trying to outsmart a bunch of cult members who want to sacrifice Ringo.  

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