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Friday, July 12, 2013

Books in the News: Game of Thrones

Posted by Alana T.

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones?  Many people have discovered this gem of book series via the HBO TV series.  Yes, there are a lot of characters, and yes, a lot of them die, but the story is gripping.  One of the great things about reading is creating a mental image of setting, character and events.  Readers who started with the TV show have a somewhat biased image of Westeros when they turn to the books.  George R. R. Martin recently spoke up about the Iron Throne itself; how do the books and TV show compare?  Turns out what he had in mind when he wrote the books is 10 times more intense than what we see in the show.  He was thinking about something like this portrayal by artist Marc Simonetti:
Visit George R.R. Martin's blog to see what he had say.  It is interesting.   And if you haven't tried the books, definitely try the series on DVD.

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