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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Six Degress of Recommendation: August DVD Picks

Posted by Staff

The staff is flexing their filmography muscles to find new ways to explore our fabulous DVD collection and make recommendations.  The rules of our game were simple: ONE - only DVDs from Edwardsville; TWO - each selection must be based on something, anything from the previous DVD; and THREE - only 48 hours per choice (get that list moving!).  The results are explained below.  Links between selections are highlighted in purple.

(1) Alana T.: Firefly: The Complete Series (2003).  A small collection of misfits, a grundgy & mercenary society and spaceships make for an entertaining TV show.  This an under-appreciated series and not just for sci-fi fans!  (2) Amanda E.: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (2008).  Also written by Joss Whedon.  An aspiring evil genius tries to juggle crushing his nemesis with impressing the young woman he likes. (3) Evan E.: A Cabin In the Woods (2012).  Also, also written by Joss Whedon.  In this satirical horror movie, a group of twenty somethings find out that their getaway to a friend's cabin is part of a sinister plot.  (4) Katie S.: The Blair Witch Project (1999).  This is also a film that takes place in the woods.  Three film students go missing in the woods while filming a documentary about a local legend and things go terribly wrong and become terrifying!  (5) Zach H.: The Wicker Man (2006).  When a young girl goes missing on a small island, Nicholas Cage is sent in to solve the mystery.  (6) Jacob D.: The Last Picture Show (1971).  Also stars Ellen Burstyn.  This classic film shows the lives of two high school seniors in a small Texas town.  The characters and the town itself are on the verge of big changes, away from the simple life.  (7) Anne W.: True Grit (2010)Also stars Jeff Bridges who plays a tough U.S. Marshall helping a stubborn young woman track down her father's murderer.  (8) Cary H.: Jagged Edge (1985). To see a darker side of Jeff Bridges, watch this still edgy thriller full of psychological twists.  (9) Alana T.:  Return Of The Jedi (1983)  Directed by Richard Marquand, definitely the best of all the Star Wars movies.  It's always time to watch it again.

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