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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Reading Suggestions: A List of Hidden Gems Part 5

Looking for a great summer read?  Take a look back at some of the staff selections from our Winter Reading Relay.  We chose our favorite hidden gems from our collection - books that are not well known, but deserve to be.  We asked patrons to let us know what they thought of the books.  Over the next few weeks, we're posting some of the favorites here.  We'll also place all of these titles on Pinterest, so jump over there for even more great reading recommendations

The Testimony of Taliesin Jones by Rhidain Brook. A Welsh boy tries to cope with his parents impending divorce in a unique way.
Patron review:  This story is pure magic.  It speaks to the child in all of us.  I would like to own a copy and share it with others.

The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson.  A story about the most bizarre and tragically hilarious family ever.
Patron #1 review: It is hard to believe parents would give up their children for the sake of art.  I sure am gland not to be a part of the Fang family.  There are many serious ideas behind all the funny stuff that goes on.
Patron #2 review:  There is no greater work of art than to raise a child.  To a parent, a child should come above the selfishness of self - or art.

The Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas.  Loyalty and friendship in Depression era Kansas where a mysterious death has occurred.
Patron #1 review:  Good story with an interesting twist!  I enjoyed it and will read more by the author.
Patron #2 review:  This is not a book I would have read on my own, but it was an entertaining read.  It does make me wonder if bondsof friendship could really be so strong. 

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