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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Freegal: Staff Picks for October

Posted by Staff

Freegal is a fantastic service, but there is so much available, we provide patron and staff playlists to help you find something great to download. We'll cover everything from classical to country.  For more info on the service, jump to our previous post.  You can find previous playlists on the blog or jump over to our Pinterest board. To access the library of available music, you will need your Edwardsville barcode and PIN.  Scroll to the bottom of our webpage, click on the Freegal link, and away you go!  Please be advised that an an entire album will require multiple downloads (patrons are currently allowed 3/week).

We recognize that the search functions are not easy to use in Freegal - please be patient.  If we've listed something here, it should be available.  Some staff favorites can not yet be found on Freegal, but are available through SHARE.  We will clearly indicate these albums/songs and add a link to our catalog.

This series of artists/albums is mostly alternative rock.  Pretty diverse, but so are our staff!

Katie S. recommends Damien Jurado for feeling at ease and recalling that dreamy summery feeling.  "Damien Jurado honed his craft during the 90s in the Seattle grunge scene and has create a sound, genre, and style all his own.  His voice has a eerie tone that relaxes you. He is a true artist"!  The album Gathered in Song is available through Freegal.

Cary H. recommends Eddie Vedder & Pearl Jam when you want to chill and think about the lyrics.  Any of the albums (and there are a lot of them) available through Freegal would be a good choice.

Melissa G. suggests trying Jack's Mannequin.  "Fun fact - his name isn't Jack, it's Andy!  His music is difficult to describe.  It has elements of alternative, indie, soft rock, pop, etc.  I recommend his music to anyone of all ages - it can be calming, exciting, fun, happy, sad".

Keegan G. likes to listen to Switchfoot just about any time.  Hello Hurricane (available through SHARE) is her favorite album, but any of them would be good choice.  "These guys have a unique sound and have abstract but very meaningful lyrics.  The sound is fun and the words are contemplative".

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