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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Staff Picks: Best Books of 2013

Looking back to 2012, what were your favorite books?  We posed the question to our staff and they responded with a motley collection. Some titles and authors are well known, others less so. Following is a list of our favorites:

Pam O.:  & Sons by David Gilbert.  An amazing book within a book story about an author and his family and their difficult relationships.  The writing is amazing!  Reminded me of early John Irving.

Alana T.: Taxidermy by Alexis Turner.  By turns amazingly beautiful and wonderfully bizarre, this book describes the history of taxidermy.  It appeals to both the artist and biologist in me.

Jill S.: The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton.  The author somehow managed to take a time period and story that generally wouldn't interest me and turned it into an amazing read.  It's long, but I really enjoyed it.  Beautifully written and won the Man Booker Prize.  Try it!

Karen K.: Telling the Bees by Peggy Hesketh.  A gently unfolding mystery from the past with a yummy side dish of my favorite interest - honey bees.  Hesketh has developed the story beautifully while making me crave some toast and honey!

Judy T.:  How the Light Gets In by Louise Penny.  This novel is the ninth in the Chief Inspector Armand Gamach series, the writing is superb  - as always.  The author has a gift for creating character who you really come to care about and know, you will want to book a ticket to visit Three Pines, Quebec where the series takes place

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