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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

You Are Never Too Young To Read the Classics

Posted by Staff

Recently, the library added the Cozy Classics series to its youth collection.  The little books made an impression on staff in every department of the library.  What makes these books so fantastic?  The combination of needle-felted characters, a deft distillation of each story and clever photography is ... profoundly adorable.  If you open one of these books and your heart-strings don't feel a tug, we would be shocked.

The books are written and "illustrated" by two brothers, Jack and Holman Wang, from Vancouver, B.C.  The authors have carefully chosen 12 child-friendly words to accompany the pictures and tell the basic story.  Parents will be able to expand each story in their own words based on the interest level of the child, or just discuss the pictures and characters.  For more information about the series, design, artwork and photography, visit the Cozy Classics website.  To reserve a copy of one or all of the books, jump over to the card catalog.

Even though some of the original novels are considered to be time-consuming or difficult reads, Cozy Classics are meant to be enjoyable. As Evan E. said while flipping through Les Miserables, "This is better than the movie"!

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