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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

You CAN Handle the Truth: New Non-Fiction Picks July 2014

Posted by the Information Services Department (Gwen B., Amanda E., Lisa E., & Kristen R.)

Every month, the cataloging department gets to see new books before everyone else.  Listed below, along with their Dewey Decimal classification, are our top picks of the non-fiction books that looked most interesting, ultra-informative, or just plain fun.

155.924 BLA  Birth Order:What Your Position in the Family Really Tells You about Your Character by Linda Blair.  On the basis of over 25 years' clinical experience and psychological research, Linda Blair reveals how your birth order position, as well as the spacing between you and your siblings and the sex of your siblings, impact your childhood, your adult life, and your relationships.

306.87 MOR  How To Care For Aging Parents by Virginia Morris.  Originally published in 1995, How To Care For Aging Parents, won a Books for a Better Life Award, and was praised as an indispensable book (AARP) and a compassionate guide of encyclopaedic proportion (The Washington Post).  Completely revised, up-to-date new edition. Expanded from 450 to over 650 pages, it covers all the emotional, legal, financial, medical, and logistical issues in caring for the elderly.

745.92 WEI  Simple Flower Arranging by Mark Welfor and Stephen Wicks.  From simple arrangements that brighten up a room, to one-of-a-kind gifts and gorgeous wedding bouquets, "Simple Flower Arranging" contains more than 60 inspirational projects that anyone can do at home.

782.1  RID  The American Musical: History and Development by Peter Riddle.  The American Musical is a unique fusion of drama and music, which has become especially important during the past fifty years. Peter Riddle provides us with a detailed exploration of the evolution and development of this form of music theatre in North America.

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