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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Grooving Guitar: Non-fiction Favorites in 787.87

Posted by Amanda E.

If you’re interested in learning how to play the guitar or just want to build up your chops, you should peruse EPL’s collection of guitar instruction books.  We have resources for people at every level and crossing many musical genres. 

Starts at the basics and gets to the advanced.  Teaches theory using songs that many people are familiar with like Unchained Melody, Smells Like Teen Spirit, and Smoke on the Water.

This was the first guitar instruction book I ever picked up.  I still refer back to it when I am in a slump.  Teaches chords and keys through the use of very simple folk songs.  Strum patterns are printed along with the music.  Teaches both basic fingerpicking and plectrum technique.

Starts at the basics and gets deep pretty quickly.  This book is a great chord reference tool which is how I have mainly used it.  The 4th section “How Chords Relate to Scales and Keys” led to one of my musical ‘AHA” moments. 

This is for an intermediate or advanced player.  Heavy reliance on theory and assumes that you have a solid understanding of the basics.  I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to play in a group setting.  Whether you are playing lead or rhythm, this book will really develop your understanding of music fundamentals

I haven’t used the whole 52 week system but I have had this book at home several times and there are a few of the exercises that are a regular part of my daily guitar practice sessions.  These exercises are a great help in improving dexterity and hand strength.  There are 2 CDs included with the book so you can hear the exercises being played if you are more of an audio learner, as is the case with many musicians.  Sheet music is in TAB and notation.

I checked this one out when I was building my first electric guitar.  Great schematics.  This book really helped my understanding of how the electronics work in a guitar.  It is a very technical manual but everything is labeled and explained very clearly.  Also, a really helpful glossary! 

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