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Friday, August 7, 2015

Shake Up Your Exercise Routine

Posted by Katherine R.

Every so often I realize that I'm stuck in an exercise rut.  It may sound strange, but unless my muscles are sore the day after I exercise, I don't feel like I've had a very good workout.  I enjoy having sore muscles because that means I've done something!  After doing the same sort of exercise every day, I get really bored and need to shake up my exercise routine.  The library is a great source for trying out new exercise DVDs.  So much variety!  Here are a few I've tried recently and enjoyed.

Bellytwins. Bellydance Core Conditioning. I'd heard about people bellydancing for exercise but had never tried it out. This DVD is broken up into different sections to focus on different parts of the body. I definitely got a better workout from some sections than others, but the experience of trying something new was fun!

All Day Energy! This DVD is broken up into 3 10-minute segments. The Cardio Wake-up is guaranteed to get your heart beating and Energy Boot Camp segment is great.

Indoor Cycling Techniques and Instructions. I have a stationary bike at home which I love using in the winter for some variety, but I sometimes feel like I'm not working very hard. If you watch this DVD while using an indoor bike, you'll definitely get a good cardio workout. Also, the instructor is German so it is dubbed in English and that makes it quite entertaining.

30 Day Shred.  I love Jillian Michaels' DVDs. They help you get an amazing workout. This DVD includes 3 20-minute workouts that increase in difficulty.  I am amazed at how she can put together such a complete workout in 20 minutes.  It's great!

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