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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

We Are Thankful For Authors!

Posted by Staff

We decided to take a minute this Thanksgiving to share our appreciation for our favorite authors.  In most cases, it has become very simple to find contact information for an author.  Many authors have websites that give a contact email address or another preferred form of communication. A large number of authors have Facebook pages and can be contacted through their pages.  It has become so easy to contact authors that we think we'll all be doing more of it!

Tamora Pierce via email (Amanda E.) Her books were, and still are, a formative part of my life. Great stories led by strong adventurous multifaceted ladies. I haven't heard anything back from her yet, but her website has a disclaimer that due to volume, she may take awhile to respond.

J.K. Rowling via regular mail (Devin G.) I loved the Harry Potter series as a child and I still do. It brings back so many memories of my family sitting and reading it together. Her writing was an integral part of my life. I haven't hear back from her yet, but she does live in England, so it may take awhile for her to get back to me.

Carolina De Robertis via email (Jill S.) I was incredibly moved by her book, Perla. The story was breathtaking and beautifully written. As soon as I finished this book, I knew I had to thank her for sharing her story with me and for writing this book. I did hear back from her!  She thanked me for my moving letter and told me that I had truly made her day. I love her last sentence - "Above all thank you for being a fellow lover - and champion - of books!"

Carl Hoffman via email (David R.) This author has risked life and limb to catalog a wealth of perilous adventure stories; his book,Savage Harvest, about the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller, is a must read. I haven't heard back from him yet.

Erin Kelly via Facebook (Cary H.)  She is an up-and-coming author whose books like The Poison Tree & The Burning Air reminded me of the psychological suspense I love with one of  my favorite author Ruth Rendell (who is also British).  She also wrote an accompanying book for the very popular Broadchurch TV Series from England.  I follow her on Facebook and she takes the time to personally respond to her readers on Facebook. She was thrilled and honored to be compared to the "great" Ruth Rendell and told me that I made her day. I told her I was very happy to have a new author whose books I looked forward to reading.

Francine Rivers via regular mail (Gwen B.) Every year since 2002 I have re-read the book Redeeming Love and every year I learn something new either about the story or about myself. I appreciate that she took the time to rewrite it for the Christian market.  Her website is currently down so I have been unable to get an address to send my letter. As soon as the website is back up, I'll be able to send it off.

Sarah J. Maas via email (Kelcey H.) She's a phenomenal writer who has some really awesome, strong-willed characters. She is also really amazing at world building. I just love her books. I haven't heard anything back yet.  

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