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Friday, December 18, 2015

Launchpads: Pre-Loaded Learning Tablets

Posted by Youth Staff

We are pleased to announce that Playaway Launchpads are now available for checkout! Thanks to a generous donation by the Edwardsville Library Friends, the Youth Department recently purchased 10 Launchpad tablets, each pre-loaded with theme-based educational apps. Launchpads can be checked-out for 1 week and must be picked up and returned at our library. They are 100% secure, with no risk of exposure to unintended content and are ad-free. Stop by and check one out today or click on the link to request one!

I'm Ready: School Review & Prep. Ages 3-5, Pre-K to K
Children will prepare for the school year wit games, puzzles, and books selected to help them interact with concepts learned in pre-school and kindergarten. perfect for continued learning between school years and more!
* Develop understanding of kindergarten curriculum
* Learn letter to word association
* Practice reading skills
* Explore numbers and counting

All My Favorites!: Kid's Characters. Ages 3-5, Pre-K to K 
Kids will read, think, and play with some of their favorite fairytale and classic characters while learning pre-school skills from creativity to problem-solving.
* Learn to read
* Explore literature
* Interact with favorite storybooks
* Engage imagination

ABCs Just for Me!: English Language Arts. Ages 3-5, Pre-K to K
Early reading skill blossom in a world filled with storybooks and games where kids will learn about the alphabet, phonics, and read with animals and other friendly faces!
* Learn to read
* Identify letters and letter sounds
* Interact with storybooks
* Play games with animal friends

Count on Me!: Math. Ages 3-5, Pre-K to K
Children will interact with their favorite characters from Madagascar and more in a colorful world of number challenges and fun learning games.
* Interact with shapes and colors
* Learn to recognize numbers
* Practice counting, adding, and subtracting
* Sharpen critical thinking skills

ABC, Learn with Me!: English Language Arts. Ages 3-5, Pre-K to K
Letters and words come to life in a world where favorite children's characters join-in to teach language through games, storybooks, and more!
* Practice the alphabet
* Learn to read
* Discover new words
* Sharpen critical thinking skills

Minds in Motion!: STEAM. Ages 5-7, Grades K-2
Kids will put their minds to work and accelerate their problem-soling skills with challenges that help them combine their understanding of art, science, technology, engineering, and math.
* Explore technology and build new skill sets
* Practice arithmetic, geometry, measurement and data, time, and money
* Learn about force, acceleration, buoyancy, heat, elasticity, and gravity
* Strengthen problem-solving skills

Art Rocks!: Creativity. Ages 5-7, Grades K-2
Imaginations will soar as children discover art, bake treats, make 3D animations, and develop creative thinking skills alongside aliens, dragons and other animated characters.
* Draw, paint, and create
* Learn about baking
* Strengthen creative thinking skills
* Develop hand-eye coordination

Brain Blaster!: Critical Thinking. Ages 5-7, Grades K-2
Children's brains will explore and grow as they play through this series of games designed to challenge the way they think
* Strengthen crucial thinking skills
* Practice problem solving
* Solve puzzles
* Explore your creativity

Super Science!: Science. Ages 5-7, Grades K-2
Kids will dig, fly and drive through games and puzzles that teach them about animals, natural resources, environmental issues, and more.
* Learn about natural resources
* Play with different animals
* Discover force, acceleration, buoyancy, heat, and elasticity
* Explore natural energy sources

I Think I Can!: STEAM. Ages 5-7, Grades K-2
Challenge the youngest students to bring their imaginations to life with these interactive art, science, technology, engineering, and math based games.
* Build clever inventions
* Explore modeling and animation
* Develop fine motor skills
* Strengthen problem-solving and critical thinking skills

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