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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Time Travel and Romance: A Perfect Combination

Posted by Susan C.

Time travel and romance. A tried and true combination ripe with possibilities! Authors Julie McElwain and Kitty Margo have written novels using these themes, each with their own clever and entertaining differences. McEwan’s book starts in the present and travels back in time to 1815. Margo’s starts in the late 1800’s and jumps forward to 2014.

In McElwain’s, A Murder in Time (followed by “A Twist in Time, due out April 2017), heroine Kendra Donovan, lives in the present day as a rising FBI agent. But when a raid goes wrong, and half her team is murdered, she goes rogue and travels to Aldrich Castle in England, to hunt down the man responsible for so many deaths. While escaping from gunfire Kendra runs into a stairwell that turns out to be a wormhole in time that closes behind her. She is still in Aldrich Castle, but the year 1815. She bursts through the stairway door, opening her introduction to the Duke of Aldrich and his handsome nephew, Alex. And the scene is set for this riveting page turner.

Now look at Clara's Song, (A Moment in Time Novel Book) by Kitty Margo. Clara has the ability to see the future, and is discovering how far her skills reach, as the seventh daughter in a line of seventh daughters. At the same time she is captivated by Will, the handsome heir of a shipping empire. When a heartbreaking event triggers a sudden and unexpected jump to the year 2014 to save a friend’s life, a handsome doctor comes to the rescue. And there you have it. Time travel and quite a bit of lusty romance. If you enjoy the first book, there are 4 more in the series that continue the adventure with surprising and unexpected twists. 

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