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Monday, July 24, 2017

Our All-Time Favorite Films

Posted by Staff

Joyce - One favorite is the 1962 version of the Miracle Worker directed by Arthur Penn, Anne Bancroft as Teacher and Patty Duke as Helen

Mason – Plan 9 From Outer Space



Cary - Favorite movies: Romance trio – Room with a View / Moonstruck / Pride & Prejudice (Keira Knightly). I watch these three movies once a year!


Katherine – Princess Bride 

Jake - I have a lot of favorite movies but the one I always come back to is The Fountain from 2006 starring Hugh Jackman & Rachael Weisz. I have seen a lot of movies before & since but I have never seen one like it. It blows your mind and breaks your heart at the same time. It is impossible to describe. It can only be experienced.

Vani - The Godfather

 Tirzah and Gwen - The Sound of Music

Lisa – Jeremiah Johnson



Kathleen - The Hunt for Red October. My favorite moment of the movie is at the beginning when the screen is dark and written is a statement that according to the United States and the Soviet Union, what you are about to see never happened. Also, this is the first "old" movie that my dad and I watched and both enjoyed, so it has some sentimental value as well.

Jill - Inglorious Bastards and Sound of Music 


Gerry - One of my favorite movies has to be Interstellar. It's a brilliant science-fiction film directed by the amazing Christopher Nolan, and is also complimented with a excellent cast led by Matthew McConaughey. If you want to be blown away-WATCH THIS MOVIE! 

Amanda -  Shaun of the Dead

Sally - Little Shop Around the Corner is one of my favs. Jimmy Stewart - can't go wrong. It is the film on which You've Got mail is based.

Devin – Howl’s Moving Castle 


Kristen - Dan in Real Life

Susan – Love Actually. Not from a book but it is such a feel good movie. Sad but everyone finds happiness. And of course, Hugh Grant at his prime. Who wouldn't like that!  

Mary B. - I don't think I can pick a favorite movie, but I just saw (after reading the book) the movie The Zookeeper's Wife, about life in Poland during WWII and the way one family hides Jewish refugees from the Nazi's. The movie was good, but the book was better!!

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