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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Celebrating Roald Dahl Day!

Posted by Staff

Roald Dahl, author of 17 children's novels and many additional books and screenplays, was born on September 13, 1916. Children love his books and many adults count his books as some of their all-time favorites. Even if you have never read one of his books, you have probably heard of them or seen movies that have been made based on them.

For his birthday, we're sharing with you the results of a fun, completely unscientific quiz, that told us which Roald Dahl book character we were. If you'd like to take the quiz, here's the link:

We've also shared our favorite Roald Dahl book/movie in a chart at the bottom. 


You always seem to fall into adventure. Fun follows you wherever you go. What's more is that you tend to make new buddies no matter where you end up.

Katherine, Sam 

The BFG (Big Friendly Giant)
You regularly beat the norm and break the mold when it comes to your actions. Sometimes the results are clumsy, but you hold your positive attitude and are a joy to those around you.




Fantastic Mr. Fox 

Fantastic Mr. Fox
You are cunning, smart, and highly fashionable. Haters try to keep you down but you're not having that. You know what you want and you go for it with style and finesse.




 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Some may mistake your calm, quiet nature for weakness, but you have them all fooled. One day you'll be running the show and they will all wonder what hit them. Even if you fall on hard times your heart of gold will get your through.

Kristen, Kelcey, Tirzah, Megan P.
Grandma Joe
You've somehow mastered the combination of maturity and youthfulness. People want to be around you because you're fun, and value your company because of your brilliant insights."

Susan, Zach, Gwen, Devin, Mary, Evan



James and the Giant Peach

There is something bigger for you out there, and it's your mission to find it. You enjoy striking up discussions with the most interesting people and learning from their stories. People love it when you join them on a journey and miss you terribly when you're gone.

Amanda, Vani, Gerry




Miss Honey
You are as sweet as can be, and beautiful to boot. There may be few things in your past you don't like to discuss, but you never let these events stand in the way of your success

Megan J, Emily, Lisa



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