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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Kiss Quotient Review

Stella Lane is used to being able to use math, and her job as an econometrician, as a way to predict what consumers will buy, and she's very good at her job, plus, she loves it. What she has so far been unable to use math for is her dating life. To help with that, Stella hires professional escort Michael Phan to teach her about intimacy. When it becomes clear that it's more than intimacy Stella needs help with, she wants Michael to stick around and be her fake boyfriend and help her with her socialization skills. 

Michael, who started escorting to help pay for his mother's medical bills, typically doesn't book a client twice. He's had some bad experiences in the past where one client became a bit too obsessed with him. He's ready to turn Stella down, but there's something intriguing about her that Michael wants more of, plus he most certainly could use the money.

As Michael and Stella embark on this charade, they find out they enjoy being with each other, but their own insecurities could keep them from finally saying those three little words.

I thought that The Kiss Quotient was a wonderfully unique romance. For me, Stella was the standout character. I loved the way Helen Hoang tackled Stella's autism; the way it is portrayed. It is acknowledged, but still not defining who Stella is as a person. Her anxiety in certain situations just jumped off the page. I could feel it while I was reading the words. But I could also feel the moments when Stella would start to feel comfortable and I loved how we see Michael accepting the things that make her anxious and helping get her to the point of calm. Where a touch, or too much noise doesn't upset her.

I've read other books where one, or more, of the main characters are dealing with some kind of mental, emotional, physical, etc. barrier, but I felt like Helen Hoang has done the best job of making it more understandably accessible, at least in Stella's case. I understand everyone's situation is different and unique.

Because I felt Stella was such a force to be reckoned with, I felt like Michael was a bit overshadowed. As mentioned, he began escorting in order to help pay his mother's medical bills. Not only that, but he's had to put his hopes and dreams on hold, not necessarily forced to, but he felt compelled to do so, in large part to show that he is the furthest thing from his father who cheated on and left Michael's mother high and dry. He hasn't complained, and he's not angry, but at the start of The Kiss Quotient you can see he's beginning to get tired. Tired of having to take different women out every week, and tired of being made to "perform", to deliver a wonderful evening for paying customer(s).

When I say Michael feels overshadowed, I don't want to convey that his conflicts aren't valid or aren't apparent, because they are. But I felt like his insecurities with being lumped in with his father and his father's actions was kind of tacked on. I wanted Michael's situation to feel as unique as Stella's, but feeling like you don't fit in with someone because of where you, or they, come from, is a common issue in many romances I've read.

I did appreciate the fact that both Michael's family background, and Stella's autism are things that people have judged them on in the past, and therefore they are issues that they don't want to be defined by. In that regard, working through how others perceive you, are things that both Michael and Stella are unknowingly dealing with together.

If you're looking for a fresh, unique, sweet romance you can look no further than The Kiss Quotient. I absolutely enjoyed reading this book by debut author Helen Hoang, and I can't wait to read the next book. I hope she continues to write these lovely characters that stand out from the crowd.

Posted by patron and guest blogger, Amy M.

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