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Monday, December 6, 2010

A New Use for Old Books

 Posted by Staff

Looking for a unique and beautiful holiday craft?  Do you have a stack of old books sitting around?  Are you an avid recycler?  If your answer to these questions is yes, yes, and yes, then we've found the project for you.

Kusudama (literal translation from Japanese is medicine ball) are paper spheres created from multiple, identical units.  You can certainly make enough units to create a ball, but 1/2 of a ball makes a beautiful paper bow.

Making these lovely holiday bows takes a bit of time (about 1 hour start to finish), but if you have a group of people working together, you can reduce the time commitment substantially.  The process is simple and kids can help (or even do most of the work!). 

For each bow you will need 30 squares of paper (cut from old books), white glue, and large paper clips (optional, but very helpful).  The process requires you to fold and glue each square into a petal shape.  Five petals are glued together to make a flower, then the six flowers are glued to make the bow.  Detailed instructions with photos are available here. The final bow is very sturdy and can be re-used easily.

For another variation of the petal, visit the Folding Trees blog.

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