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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Life of a Library Book: Acquisition

New books waiting to be cataloged.
Posted by Susan C.

Last year, 7,248 print books were added to the collection at the Library. There were many ways decisions were made to add each book to the Library’s collection.

Our Librarians read professional journals that review titles months in advance of their publication. As a book researcher and purchaser, I spend more time reading about books than actually reading books. Publishing companies send catalogs and advance copies of books that they think are notable and bound to be distinguishable for us to read and review. Popular authors like James Patterson and John Grisham, to name a few, are on a standing order so we receive multiple copies of their latest books as soon as they are published. We make note of books that are getting public recognition in the media and television, i.e. book reviews in magazines and newspapers from the New York Times Book Review to People magazine. We watch for author appearances on television talk shows from Oprah and David Letterman to Book Talk, and radio programs such as NPR.  The nonfiction and reference collections are built to keep the materials in the collection current and relevant to our patrons’ needs. 

And last but not least we listen to you, our patrons. We purchase books from your requests.  Fill out a form at the circulation desk, or online at “Suggest a Book” on our webpage and let us know what you would like the Library to consider adding to it’s collection.

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