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Monday, March 7, 2011

Come and See the Changes at the Youth Library!

Posted by Anne W.

Anyone who has visited the youth Department in the last couple of months will have noticed that we were making some big changes!  now the jackhammers have stopped, the carpeting has been laid, the books are back in order, and we would like to invite everyone back to see the progress!

When we began planning our Youth Library renovation, the areas that we wanted to focus on were increasing shelving space, adding comfortable seating, creating a larger teen area, and relocating the preschool play section within the view of library staff.  In order to accomplish this, we replaced the previous ramp with a more space efficient one, allowing us room to expand our teen space and to create an easily viewable preschool play area.  W also reconfigured the shelving arrangement to further maximize our space.  This might mean that many of your favorite books will be in different locations the next time you visit, but any of our staff members will be happy to assist you in finding what you are searching for.

You will also notice the fun new carpeting, located throughout the Youth Library, in the Archi Room, and in the Youth Computer lab.  In addition, the Archi Room's artwork display board has been replaced with a magnetic board.  the teen section was updated with trendy new furniture and a fresh coat of paint, making it an inviting space for our teen visitors.

Patrons should be aware that while the construction is finished, and the collection is accessible once again, we are still not completely finished!  Within the next few months, you will see comfortable seating near the picture book sections, as well as fun, interactive kids' furniture on the platform in the preschool play area.

We appreciate everyone's flexibility and understanding during our renovation, and we hope that you will enjoy your new space!

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