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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Documentaries of Distinction

Posted by Staff

When perusing our DVD shelves, don't walk past the non-fiction section thinking that we only have a bunch of how-to videos.  We carry a wide variety of DVDs and many are documentaries; short films whose purpose is to inform or accurately portray a subject.  Topics can range from light-hearted to grim, but all provide interesting, thought-provoking stories.  Next time you are looking for something new to watch, try a documentary.

Following are a few staff suggestions:
Gwen B.:  
Devil's Playground (DVD, 2002)  Amish teenagers experience the outside world before deciding which life they will choose.
Let the Church Say Amen (DVD, 2004)  Parishonors of a Washington DC church become a symbol of community and dedication.
The Azusa Street Project (DVD, 2006).  A history of the pentecostal movement in the United States.

Evan E.: 
Exit Through the Gift Shop (DVD, 2010)  A French shopkeeper and an amateur filmmaker locate and film Banksy, the infamous graffiti artist whose identity remains unconfirmed.

Alana T.:
The Art of the Steal (DVD, 2010)  The story of Dr. Albert C. Barnes' 25 billion dollar art collection and the legal wrangling for control over it's future.
Hearts of Darkness (DVD, 1991)  The riveting documentary of the making of Apocalypse Now; equally as good as the movie, perhaps better.
The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (DVD,2003) The quirky story of a man who becomes involved with flocks of urban parrots in San Francisco; the parrots are the real stars here.

Pam O.:
Hoop Dreams (DVD, 1994) The lives of two African American boys who struggle to become college basketball players.
Spell Bound (DVD, 2004)  An engrossing film following eight contestants of the 1999 National Spelling Bee.

Jacob D.:
Restrepo (DVD, 2010) "A year with one platoon in the deadliest valley in Afghanistan."
Unforgivable Blackness (DVD, 2004)  The story of Jack Johnson, the first African American Heavyweight boxing champion.
Anvil! The Story of Anvil (DVD, 2008)  A film about the beginnings (& endings?) of heavy metal music and true friendship
anything by Ken Burns

Dani G.:
The National Parks: America's Best Idea (DVD, 2009) A history of the U.S. National Parks system, directed by Ken Burns and shown on PBS.

Cary H.:
Art21 (PBS; not owned by the LCLS) -- Fantastic interviews with artists in the 21st century -- themed episodes can be watched online.

Judy T.
Food, Inc. (DVD, 2009) Well-documented and very revealing insights about the food you eat and how it is produced; you'll probably remember it the next time you go to the grocery store.

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