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Monday, April 18, 2011

If You Can Read It, You Can Eat It

Posted by Staff.

In honor of National Library Week, libraries throughout the world celebrated by hosting a local versions of the International Edible Book Festival.  The premise is simple: compose an edible creation inspired by a book and if possible, describe it with a pun.  The idea behind the celebration came from a collaboration between librarian Judith Hoffberg and artist Beatrice Coron (for more info, visit the official website) and since the first event in 1999, the Festival's popularity has increased.

Favorite entries are often those with puns based on a book title.  Recent examples include: A Thousand Splenda Suns, All Quiet on the Western Bundt, Their Eyes were Watching Cod, and The Marizipan Chronicles.

At this point, not many venues have posted photos for this year's festivals.  The University of Illinois hosted an event and has a gallery of entries and award winners.  Although SIUC hasn't published any photos on the web, there is an article in the local paper describing their event.

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