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Monday, May 30, 2011

Book Review: To Be Sung Underwater

Posted by Susan C.

After having read To Be Sung Underwater I became very curious about the author's previous book from 1998, Good Night Nebraska, and have placed a reserve on it. To Be Sung Underwater is a love story filled with the kind of compelling drama and character development that keeps you reading and reading even though there are other things one might need to be doing!

From Library Journal: “Sooo romantic, says the publicist, but the tight, muscular writing puts it above slush. A literate heartbreaker…  featuring a heroine who wanted to escape small town life, Judith Whitman believed in passionate love, and she surely loved steady carpenter Willy Blunt. But he was not about to leave Nebraska, and she was. Years later, unsettled in her marriage, she’s starting to wonder if she made a mistake.”

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