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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bookclub on the Blog: May Selection

Posted by the Edwardsville Public Library Bookclub

Posted by the Edwardsville Public Library Bookclub

This month's book was Stiff by Mary Roach. With the preponderance of forensics shows on TV, most of us have an idea of what happens to a body after death.  But how close to the truth are we, really?  In this book, the author describes the wide of variety of uses of cadavers donated to science.  Covering topics like ballistics testing, medical experimentation and plane crash investigations, the author presents the information with a balance of humor and seriousness. 

Comments from bookclub members:
"Lots of interesting factual information!  Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book."

"Very blunt.  Nice style of writing.  Very interesting and scientific."

"If you're interested in what happens to your body ofter you die, you may want to read this book.  Informative and at times humorous, as well as honest."

"Liked the authors sense of humor, but thought the book read too much like a text book.  I didn't finish it."

"I loved the author's writing style - kept the subject matter from being overwhelming.  This book will make you think about your will.  Also, forget about your seat cushion as a flotation device - not going to happen!"

Next month's selection is Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier.  Join us June 13 @ 7 PM for snacks and a lively discussion!

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