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Friday, June 3, 2011

Illustrator Spotlight: Yuyi Morales

image from Ladder to the Moon
Posted by Dani G.

This month's featured children's book illustrator is Yuyi Morales. After immigrating to the United States from  Mexico in 1994, Yuyi became inspired to create her own children's books when she was introduced to her local library. 

Image from Harvesting Hope
"From the books I borrowed, I learned how to make handmade-paper, and baskets, and how to bind books, carve rubber stamps, and build puppets and make them walk. But mostly I learned that everything I always wanted to learn, I could find it in a book. From books in the library, I fell in love with children's literature and their art. I awed at the sight of illustrations and studied picture book after picture book, wondering at how illustrators could bring such a magic to their work."
When she is not busy illustrating she enjoys Afro Brazilian dancing and making puppets. 
Image from Just a Minute
Request items illustrated by Yugi Morales here.  Visit her website for more information about her and her work.

Image from Just a Minute

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