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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Review: Heaven is for Real

Posted by EPL Patron and Guest Blogger, Jeri L.

Do you believe that people facing near death can actually visit Heaven?  If so, then you can accept that a preschooler not only visited heaven, but brought back stories, messages, and images of God, Jesus, and relatives he has never met.  Taking in consideration that Colton's Dad is a minister, and therefore this young man has a more acute background of religion, his story still unfolds like that of a typical child.  He's talking one minute about sitting on Jesus' lap and then wanting to play with his toys the next.  It's not as if he came back and began talking in great detail about what he had seen.  Things remembered pop into his mind in the middle of normal everyday events.

For anyone who has either had a near death experience or who experienced stories second hand from a loved one or friend, there are many similarities.  What makes this one so easy to believe is that it is told through the words and eyes of a child who we don't expect to have knowledge of what he should anticipate in Heaven.  Read it as a non-fiction as what really happened, or read it as a fantasy... but read it and find yourself believing like a child.

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