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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Uses For Old Books: The Book Safe

Posted by Alana T.

I have always loved the idea of book safes.  The idea of having a secret hiding spot - in a book no less - has long been a fascination.  Over the years, I've tried many times to make the type of safe that has a section cut out of the pages, but the technique is more difficult that you might imagine.  Each cut has to be perfectly aligned with previous ones and and the process eats craft blades for dinner. I always gave up after about 30 pages.

This example is quite a bit simpler and faster.  Maybe not as elegant, but so easy, you can whip up a bunch in an evening.  Kids can help with many steps, but supervision is necessary for steps including the box cutter and gluegun.  These make fantastic gift boxes, too!

To make each book safe, you will need two old books (one for the safe & one slightly smaller for the interior), a box cutter with extra blades, a metal ruler, hot glue and gluegun, a strip of muslin or other lightweight cloth, white glue and a paintbrush.  Total working time is about an hour.  To print or download the instructions, click here.

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