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Friday, May 3, 2013

Celebrate Poetry Month With Jeffrey S.

Posted by Jeffrey S., guest blogger, EPL patron, SIUE professor and poet.

The EPL, partnering with faculty from the SIUE's Department of English, Language and Literature, hosted a poetry reading on April 26th to celebrate Shakespeare's birthday (April 21st).  Jeffrey S. read one of his own sonnets, created as part of a larger work in honor of Martin Luther King.  Play the animation for a description of a crown of sonnets and Jeffrey reading his poem.

A Crown For King

It’s non-violence or non-existence.
This is no dream, but a vision
Of the real, a mode of resistance
born of purest recognition:

what is human in the end
as in the beginning.  King’s eye
is our eye when the light bends
toward our hearts, when my

Soul and your soul know the sweet
 truth of each other’s being, King’s
ear the ear with which we greet
the promise of struggle and joy.  Sing

The song yourselves, he says and demands,
The promise now is in our hands.

To contact Jeffrey, visit his website.
To see images of the poetry reading, visit our Flickr photostream.

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