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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Short Patron Book Reviews: General Fiction

The Last Chinese Chef by Pam Neuenschwander
This is a wonderful story of a recently widowed American food writer who must travel to China when she learns of a paternity claim against her late husband’s estate. Her editor gives her the opportunity tp write an article about a Chinese chef while she is there. The author uses her story to bring to life the amazing culture and cuisine of the Chinese people. It is a factual learning experience encased in an endearing fiction novel.

An Amish Christmas by Cynthia Keller
This is a story that is true for many families with the downsizing of businesses. The Hobart family had it all—beautiful home, private school for the three children to attend, the latest of electronics, fancy cars and the latest in clothes. Then the husband loses his job and brings financial ruin to the family. They lose everything. But what they can fit in their old Mustang as they head up north from Charlotte, North Carolina to live with Mrs. Hobart’s parents. Going through Pennsylvania, they have an accident which leaves the Mustang in need of repairs. An Amish family takes them in until their car is fixed. Will the family survive living a completely different life with the Amish? Will the children quit blaming their parents for this uprooting of their easy lives and leaving behind all of their friends? It’s amazing what they all find out while living with the Amish family. It’s a story we can all learn from!

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