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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Reading Suggestions: A List of Hidden Gems Part 4

Posted by Staff

Looking for a great summer read?  Take a look back at some of the staff selections from our Winter Reading Relay.  We chose our favorite hidden gems from our collection - books that are not well known, but deserve to be.  We asked patrons to let us know what they thought of the books.  Over the next few weeks, we're posting some of the favorites here.  We'll also place all of these titles on Pinterest, so jump over there for even more great reading recommendations.

Six Suspects by Viaks Swarup A vibrant, fast-paced murder mystery set in very modern India.  Surprise ending!
Patron #1 review:  Excellent book. Some sections have a biting sense of humor. Would be a very good movie. Surprised by the ending. Author’s ability to write nearly flawlessly from the viewpoint of several different characters in commendable. I recommend this book., Don’t be intimidated by its size- it reads quickly.
Patron #2 review: This is a fascinating look at modern day India. The author sis an amazing job of bringing all the suspects together, telling how and why each was connected. The ending was endless and surprising and really clever. Am looking forward to more stories by this author!

Death Cloud by Andrew Lane.  Endorsed by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's estate, this story recounts the beginning of Holme's Life.
Patron #1 review: Killer bees, a human puppet, and a 14 year old Sherlock Holmes makes for a fast, exciting read. The lad is learning skills that will be used later in life,  but, as yet, he doesn’t have a drug problem. Friend Matty is a future Dr. Watson. The author does a good job of copying C. Doyle.
Patron #2 review:  Excellent origins story telling us how Sherlock Holmes learned and developed his famous deductive skills. Fast paced and interesting, I’d be willing to read the entire series!

Zeitoun by Dave Eggers.  About Hurricane Katrina, but unlike anything you've heard before.
Patron #1 review:  Quick, easy, interesting read. This tory shows ways in which Katrina was so much more than a natural disaster. It was interesting to read an account from the “inside.”
Patron #2 review:  A smooth and easy read. The words told a story- my mind made it real. ONE of the best examples as to not rebuild below sea level. Also, if martial law is ever declared, GET OUT.
Patron #3 review:  Good story. Kept me reading (listening). Really sad and uncomfortable in parts, but I believed it. Story told from both husband’s and wife’s viewpoints. I would recomm

Miss Peregrins' Home for Peculiar Chldren by Ransom Riggs I love the idea of creating a story from unrelated photos!
Patron review:  Wonderfully weird and worthwhile.  Best book I’ve read in a long time.  The ending was very satisfying.

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